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Praying My Way Out of the Struggle


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Book 1 of Family Matters Book Series 

Most people have a special place in their hearts for their hometown, but with 18-year old Trina Capone, it's the complete opposite. Trina despises  Baton Rouge, where she has been born and raised.  Following the divorce of her parents, Trina has had to take on the responsibility of being the woman of the house, including raising the siblings left to her when her mother becomes addicted to drugs. All Trina wants to do is graduate high school. But one thing after another happens that could either break her or make her into the woman she desires to be- all things opposite of her crack-fiend mother. Little does Trina know, the very city she couldn't wait to get away from becomes the city she doesn't want to leave. As a person who has never accepted the love of God before, the Almighty leaves her speechless and craving for more of his tender love and mercy. 

Praying My Way Out of the Struggle is the first installment of the seven-novel Family Matters series. The Family Matters novels bring you into the lives of individuals who are members of or are connected to Kingdom Bound Church. The series sheds light on marriage, child custody, sibling rivalry, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, generational cycles, forbidden secrets, and more. 

Finding Peace of Mind


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Book 2 of Family Matters Book Series

Life in the Big Easy hasn't been so simple for Asia Antoine. Although she has had a privileged life following her adoption, Asia has never been able to fully cope with the reality of being given up at birth. Even as an adult with a child of her own, Asia still finds herself searching for wholeness in relationships and ever-changing pastimes. Her latest is being a Sunday school teacher, and Asia believes that her life is finally settling out. But while confronting the adulterous relationship of her mother, she is blindsided when she walks in on her boyfriend with another woman, shattering the security she felt.

Nari Chretien is a business-savvy entrepreneur on the rise. Driven by her ambition to surpass societal expectations of being the daughter of habitual offenders, she'll let nothing or no one stand in her way of reaching the success level of the elite. Despite having been raised by her devout Christian grandmother, Nari has chosen a life of faith in being astray. A chance meeting resulting in a new business opportunity makes Nari question if she's been heading in the right direction.

Together, this pair of friends experience the pulls and tugs of life as it gets flipped inside out. Will finding out the truth of Asia's adoption help her to find peace with herself? Or, will it make matters worse? In the fight of her life, what will be Nari's next plan of action? Witness the lives of two friends as God-orchestrated meetings and hidden secrets intertwine, mapping out God's plan for bringing to light all things done in the dark.