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The Reader's Lounge Book Exhibit events were created to provide up-close-and-personal conversations between new and emerging authors and their readers as authors discuss their books and the important, real-life topics presented between the pages. Since 2016, the event has been produced in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. 

Attendees can expect a free to the public, family-friendly gathering with the opportunity to have up-close-and-personal conversations with a diverse line-up of authors from around the world as the event serves as an exclusive ‘Readers Meet Up’ for book lovers of all ages.

Authors can expect a low-cost literary event that allows an intimate conversation with readers. Destined Eloquence Publishing prides itself with creating a loving and supportive atmosphere for all authors. All authors participating in the event are afforded the opportunity to promote and/or read from their work in an Author Spotlight. 

View the tour dates and a list of authors from around the United States and Canada who has contributed their literary work below. 

Panel Discussion. Book Signing. Readers Meet-Up. Door Prizes.

Reader's Lounge Book Exhibits

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To participate in the Reader's Lounge Book Exhibits, please follow the following instructions:

Authors of all genres and backgrounds are encouraged to participate in our events. Authors for the panel discussions are selected by the event coordinators following the closing of event registration (No costs are associated. Authors do not pay to be selected for the panel discussion.) Discounts are available to returning authors and clients (present and former) upon request via email. 

Payment plans are available upon request via email.  

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Authors, Artists, & Organizations We Support

Author's Corner


Bayou Writer's Group

O'mera Beavers - Arkansas

A Prodigal's Cry

Teresa Bellard - Louisiana

Answering the Call-Real Armor-Bearers

 Walking with Your Pastor but Willing to Follow First

 LaTanya Brooks - Texas 

 Marisol: A Little Girl with a Big Dream

Demetria Buie - Louisiana

Refuse to Lose

Toni Carter - Louisiana

Blood, Lust, & Love 

Ryan Clemons - Louisiana

Victorious: The Journey of a 

Single Mom and Her Faith

Brittany Coleman - Arkansas

Who Will Love Me?

Marko Da Costa - Canada 

The Art of Feeling 

Coffy Davis - Arkansas


Debra Davis - Arkansas

Brianna's Dreams: I Just Want to Know

Sierra Demouchet - Louisiana/Texas

Praying My Way Out of the Struggle

Yvonne Thomas Duhon - Louisiana

Letter To My Husband

Lynette Edwards - Louisiana


15 Essential Elements to be Unstoppable

Anita Evans - Texas 

Awakening Promise

Kimberly Fields - Minnesota 


Juanisha Neal-Finley - Arkansas

Revealing the Secrets of My Hurt 

Rashida Hall-Franklin - Louisiana/Nassau, Bahamas

The Making of the Prodigal Daughter

Dionda Fugitt - Virginia 

Adjust Your Crown: 

The Little Ladies' Secret Handbook

Sharon Guillory - Texas

From The Heart: A 40 Day Journey of 

Experiencing God's Love in Everyday Life

Debreka Handy - Louisiana

Courage to Love

Denisha Hardeman - Texas/California

8 Lanes

Elijah Harmon - Louisiana

Black Rose

Tiera Jones - Texas


Lyela Marie Lambert - Louisiana

Live Beyond Your Loss

Michelle Leblanc - Louisiana

Prayers of a Sinner: A True Testament of God's Grace

Hazel L Logan - Louisiana

Now I See: Finding Your Real Identity

Jamie Mayes - Louisiana

Blood Is Supposed to Be Thicker

 Ashley Johnson-Montegut - Louisiana

 Chains are Broken: Prayers and Poems

Tonda Moreland 

Toye Morris - Texas/Illinois 

Scandalous Ambitions

Shani P. Nelson - Louisiana

It's Not Their Business Vision Journal 

Dr. Joyce Marie Reaux - Louisiana

Standing in the Midst of the Storm

Leah Howard-Robinson - Louisiana

The Fat Black Girl 

Who Lives in the Projects

Christy Sanderson - Georgia

Woman of God: Stop Looking for Love 

Leola Smith - Texas

Can You Really Hear Me?: Overcoming Obstacles as an Hearing Impaired Individual  

Terrence "Weasel" Smith - Texas

Whatever It Takes to Make It

Krystal St. Cyr - Louisiana

 Truth Love Vol 1 

Perri Sullivan - Georgia

Legacy of Lies

Remona Tanner - Louisiana


Zea Wallace - Louisiana

The Lies I Slept With

Mary Webb - Louisiana

The Summer of Superheroes 

and the Making of Iron Boy

Mind Motivation

On The Horizons


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